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The Road Trip

1 vehicle 6 people 53 hours 3600 miles My family recently returned from a big road trip that spanned seven states and a lot of miles. Somehow we managed and had a lot of fun, too. Our trek wasn't all … Continue reading

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Learning from Someone's Personal Story

A bunch of very interesting Other Posts of Note have cropped up recently. Brian's How to Get Eternal Life, Amber's So she hired a hit man?, and most recently Kara's thoughts on Heaven is for Real. This last post contains … Continue reading

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Help Your Children Grapple with the Fact that We're Sinners

After some heinous atrocity against humanity, those who knew the perpetrator often say something like, "He was such a nice man!" It does not matter if it was violent, sexual, criminal, or dishonest, we seem to expect the "bad guys" … Continue reading

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Rising from the Ashes of Shattered Dreams

She had big plans for college sports even as a junior in high school. Then, as a junior in high school, her knee gave out. With it, her dreams of college collapsed as well. Her life, she told me, spiraled. … Continue reading

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Listen to the Stories Your Children Tell Themselves

Sarita's post about young adult fiction grabbed me by the collar and threw me against the wall. As my head smacked the metaphorical bricks, something snapped into focus. Words will fail me here, but I felt a wave of sorrow … Continue reading

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She Said She Hates Learning

Lunchtime. I'm waiting for my leftovers to reheat. She's already eating. We exchange the pleasantries typical of strangers and coworkers, but because we're mere acquaintances I'm not sure if she's in college or what. So I ask. She decided not … Continue reading

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We live in the midst of a story (and why it matters)

Did you know that some religions believe in a cyclical model of time? Hindus and Buddhists, for example, generally think that time has no beginning and no end, but just moves in huge repeating cycles. But Westerners tend to see … Continue reading

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