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Making Mistakes: A Critical Part of Your Homeschool

So much learning in homeschooling is organic. Children learn about money as they shop with you. They learn about fractions as they cook with you. They learn about water displacement as they help you wash the dishes. Everything is an … Continue reading

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Getting Angry as a Homeschool Mom: Strategies to Help

"I wish I didn't yell at my kids." "I try so hard to be patient, but I lose my cool at least once a day. Then I feel terrible." "I make my son cry during Math!" "I'm setting a bad … Continue reading

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Help Your Children Grapple with the Fact that We're Sinners

After some heinous atrocity against humanity, those who knew the perpetrator often say something like, "He was such a nice man!" It does not matter if it was violent, sexual, criminal, or dishonest, we seem to expect the "bad guys" … Continue reading

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Five Ways to Recover from a Bad Homeschool Day

We don't like to talk about our bad days. It's not uplifting. We see all too clearly how desperately we need grace. Bad days poke at our insecurities. But bad days there are. Here are five ways to recover from … Continue reading

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Looking Good or Showing Grace?

Something was wrong. A peer had just refused to talk to me about his problems because I was "too perfect" and wouldn't be able to relate to him. I couldn't respond to that. Looking back, I think the problem was … Continue reading

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The Best Response

I've been thinking about friends, about people on the web, about comments on Facebook, and how we treat people in everyday life. And I'm surprised at how ugly things can get. I was around a different group than normal a … Continue reading

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My best tip for conflict resolution

The argument seemed dramatic at the time. I thought we should organize our books by color and size. But John wanted to organize them by topic! We spoke past each other, made assumptions, and hurt each other's feelings. A simple … Continue reading

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