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As Moms, Encourage One Another

I've spent the last day or so trying to find a way to better recommend Brianna's Being a Mom post. Trouble is, I'm not a mom. I don't have children. No one asks me about my kids. My neighbors may … Continue reading

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Reminder: Faith Matches Reality

I've known him since he was a lanky, awkward child in middle school. Like me, he's a tad less awkward today. We're sitting near my computer, which I shut off so I'm not distracted while we talk. "You know I … Continue reading

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I know February isn't really a normal time to be talking about New Year's resolutions, but January sped by and here it is mid-February and, well, I'm just going to talk about them. This year I decided that, instead of … Continue reading

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What Defines Success?

Imagine for a moment that your students have graduated homeschooling. What would make you feel like your homeschool was a success? Would you be a success if your student got a Ph.D, went to Harvard, or revolutionized a part of … Continue reading

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Being a Mom is Hard Work and Worth it

I settle into my seat at the restaurant. Then I notice her. She's metaphorically juggling two little ones. Both regularly meltdown when they are not allowed to, say, spray the ketchup all over the table. I hear her say something … Continue reading

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Five Ways to Recover from a Bad Homeschool Day

We don't like to talk about our bad days. It's not uplifting. We see all too clearly how desperately we need grace. Bad days poke at our insecurities. But bad days there are. Here are five ways to recover from … Continue reading

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Changing Seasons

A few years ago, during the spring run-off, our family drove up the river to see the flood waters. We took a picture from an overlook at a bend in the river. Later that summer we went back to the … Continue reading

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