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Reminder: Faith Matches Reality

I've known him since he was a lanky, awkward child in middle school. Like me, he's a tad less awkward today. We're sitting near my computer, which I shut off so I'm not distracted while we talk. "You know I … Continue reading

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Why the Internet May Rip People from Faith

I read an intriguing post about how The Internet Is Disrupting Religion. The author, Andy, is pleased to see religion go; I offered a few observations in the comment section. But a larger question has been forming in my mind … Continue reading

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Why Bother Teaching? They'll Forget It All Anyway

Last week I mentioned that daily lessons aren't nearly as important as how your children develop. Like you, they will end up forgetting much--most?--of the details of what they learn in school. But this raises a question: Why bother teaching … Continue reading

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What if I don't know what they need to know?

Luke's post from earlier this week made me smile ... I so remember feeling this way when it came time to teach math to my high school kids. I am seriously missing the required genes for learning, understanding and teaching … Continue reading

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How Do We Know What's True?

You're probably familiar with the encounter between Pilate and Jesus that ends with Pilate asking, "What is truth?" (John 18:38). Although we don't know the tone in his voice when he asked the question, we do know that he didn't … Continue reading

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The Skill You Need vs the Stuff You Know

I've already shared about not knowing what a mandible is. I've said that you don't need to mind the gaps. I've even questioned the purpose of tests. So I wondered this morning: What difference does it make if your child … Continue reading

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