High School Summer Reading List: The Top Books For Your Teen

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High School Summer Reading List: The Top Books For Your Teen

Summer is a perfect season to encourage reading in your home. If you are looking for the best way to help your high school student develop a love of reading, this ultimate guide to summer reading is a great place to start!

The Ultimate Summer Reading List For High School School Students

In an effort to curate a list of the very best titles for teens, we asked Sonlight families to share their favorite summer book recommendations. The following list was crowd sourced from other like-minded parents, all passionate about finding the very best books for high school summer reading.

Take a look at all the amazing books we have on our list and download a printable PDF copy below!

Titles that are part of a series are indicated with an asterik (*). See below for the complete list of series recommended by Sonlight families.

Sonlight Titles Recommended By Parents For Summer Reading

We know that exposure to rich and engaging stories is one of the best ways to help high school learners expand their knowledge. That’s why it's no surprise that many of the titles parents recommended for summer reading are also a part of our literature based approach to high school learning. These wonderful books are woven into Sonlight's language arts programs, and are also available for summer reading options. 

The Top Books Recommended By Parents Of High School Learners

This list of books includes the most highly recommended titles from parents homeschooling high schoolers. 

Books Series For High School Summer Reading

The best way to encourage a reading practice in your home is to find an author or storyline that interests your child and encourage them to read more of it! These top books series were recommended by parents as well.

Summer Reading Matters!

There are many benefits to summer reading for all ages, especially high schoolers. Here are just a few:

  • Minimize summer learning loss. Studies show that there is a decline in academic skills when students don't read or participate in other learning activities during long breaks. Keeping your child engaged and active in well-written stories is a great way to help minimize summer learning loss.
  • Improve vocabulary. A regular reading practice exposes learners to new words and vocabulary. Reading throughout the summer creates a language rich environment, increasing vocabulary skills. This is helpful across all subjects, all year long.
  • Foster a love of reading. The lazy days of summer combined with an engrossing book are a perfect pairing for creating a love of reading.

Encouraging your high schooler to read throughout the summer is good for their academic achievement, to be sure. It is also a wonderful way to help them create their own lifelong passion for reading.

Looking for more than just high school books? Take a look at our complementary guides for elementary and middle school readers.

Track your summer reading progress with Sonlight's FREE Summer Reading Challenge Kit too!

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