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Three Tips For Reading Usborne Books

For several decades, Usborne has been publishing staples of home learning. Every time we open one of these favorites, we encounter a new vein of knowledge to be mined and new connections to be made. Four we especially love are … Continue reading

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Teach Your Child To Read With Happy Cheetah

Do you have a child struggling to read or one just learning to read? Happy Cheetah Reading can help. Your child can learn to read frustration-free. Continue reading

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The Sonlight Biographies That Changed My Life

Four years before I was born, my father quit the band. He had made a living as a musician and record producer since the age of 18, and now he was in search of a life that prioritized family. He … Continue reading

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5 Sonlight Books on the Big Screen in 2020

Which did you like better, the book or the movie? This common question lends a wonderful opportunity to extend the experience of a story. Practice critical thinking by comparing a director's presentation of a plot-line or an actor's impression of … Continue reading

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10 More Cry-Alouds: Books That Move You to Tears

Did you know that the tears shed from happiness or sorrow are chemically different from the tears caused by an irritant in the eye? "Emotional tears, for instance, have been found to contain protein-based hormones including the neurotransmitter leucine enkephalin, … Continue reading

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12 Books from American History That Teach Empathy

When you think of teaching your kids empathy, person-to-person activities probably come to mind: volunteering in under-served communities taking mission trips compromising with siblings Would it surprise you to know that reading books is just as effective at developing compassion … Continue reading

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How Can Sonlight Expect Us to Read So Many Books at Once?

"So thankful we tried Sonlight 6 years ago!" —Jennie W. of Puryear, TN Like many homeschool programs, Sonlight comes with a teacher’s guide (called an Instructor’s Guide) that lays out a daily schedule for parents.  It breaks the yearly books … Continue reading

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