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4 Reasons Never to Stop Reading Aloud to Your Children

I cannot express how great my excitement was when my children began reading their own bedtime stories. Don’t get me wrong...I loved those precious memories of storytime, but on the other hand, my kids wanted to hear Goodnight Train exactly … Continue reading

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The Big List: 25 Ways Reading Helps Your Children

I love books. And I love helping children learn to love books not only because reading is a great pastime. I also believe that reading and hearing stories read out loud should be central in every child’s education. So it’s … Continue reading

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How to Get Kids (Actually) Excited About Summer Reading

I started my covert mission at the birth of my first child. As my first act in the campaign to raise readers, I zealously held Goodnight Moon in front of my three-day-old baby's face, read those precious words in my most … Continue reading

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Three Reasons to Read Out Loud to Kids Who Know How to Read

You probably understand the appeal of reading aloud to young children. Who can resist a preschooler, book in hand, saying, “Read, pwease?” But once children can read for themselves, parents often assume their days of reading aloud are done. In … Continue reading

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The Simple Way to Help Your Kids Learn to Think

My Alma Mater has a "great books" program. My wife was part of it, and so she read such works as Homer and Sayers and the Federalist Papers. But the comment that I heard again and again from her classmates … Continue reading

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Five Ways to Improve Reading Aloud

His voice lilted and swung, painting the world as much as the text from the book. His children cuddled close, as if their strain could pry the story out sooner. My dad is a master of reading aloud. In contrast, … Continue reading

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No regrets . . .

The other day I was reading some research that one of our catalog writers had come across. The U.S. Department of Education's Commission on Reading stated that reading out loud to children is the most important thing you can do … Continue reading

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