The 14 Best Christian Homeschool Programs & Curriculum Options

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best christian homeschool programs

Many parents who feel called to homeschool their children set out specifically to find Christian homeschool programs or curriculum. Homeschooling gives parents a unique opportunity to share the gospel with our children and approach subjects with a Biblical perspective.

Choosing Between Christian Homeschool Programs

Choosing the best Christian Homeschooling Program can feel daunting. There are a lot of Christian Homeschool companies with products available at the click of a mouse.

So, what should parents consider when choosing a Christian Homeschool program?

Factors To Consider When Comparing Homeschool Programs

Just like with any type of homeschooling curriculum, it’s important to consider factors like:

Maybe most importantly, which curriculum lights you up as a homeschool parent? 

Enthusiasm is infectious. If as a parent, you are excited to show up and get to work every day, that absolutely carries over to your children. 

What is a Christian-Based Homeschool Program?

A Christian-based homeschool program is specifically designed for families who want to include their Christian faith in their homeschool.

Subjects incorporate a Biblical worldview and offer opportunities to easily integrate Christian values and principles into everyday learning.

Why do so many Christians choose to homeschool?

Christian families may choose to homeschool for a variety of reasons.

Homeschooling offers parents a chance to carefully select programs and resources that resonate with their family’s values and beliefs. Choosing a Christian homeschool curriculum can help Christian parents avoid having their children introduced to material that isn’t in line with their faith. 

Many Christian parents also say they love homeschooling because it creates a strong family bond.

The 14 Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum Options

There are many Christian-based homeschool programs and curriculum options available, and choosing which is the best fit can vary based on factors like denomination, learning styles, and even the number of children in the family.

We have compiled the following comprehensive list of the very best Christian homeschool programs and curriculum options, based on real homeschool families' experiences and feedback.

1. Sonlight

Sonlight offers complete literature-based Christian homeschool curriculum packages for students in preschool through 12th grade. Sonlight’s Instructor’s Guides provide detailed, fully-planned, no-prep lessons, and Sonlight provides both a thriving online homeschool community and support from homeschool advisors.

Sonlight now offers a new Montessori-based preschool curriculum.

2. Bob Jones University (BJU Press)

Bob Jones University has a homeschool program for grades Pre-K to 12 that prioritizes academic rigor. BJU Homeschool resources include textbooks and video courses.

3. Abeka

Abeka Homeschool Academy offers homeschooling curriculum for grades K-12. Abeka uses textbooks and video lessons and a spiral approach to learning.

4. Easy Peasy All-In-One

Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool is a free/donation-based homeschool program created by homeschooling parent Lee Giles. Find K-8th grade resources here, and Easy-Peasy All-In-One high school resources here.

5. Master Books

Master Books is a Creationist-centered, hands-on literature-based program for children ages 3 through high school. Master Books materials are intended to grow students’ faith through an open-and-go, eclectic homeschooling approach.

6. Accelerated Christian Education

Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) provides self-paced lessons for K-12 students. ACE’s main focus is on combining character-building with academics.

7. Veritas Press

Veritas Press is a Classical homeschool curriculum that uses Great Books and Classic Literature as its foundation. Veritas Press aims to provide options for hands-on, visual and auditory learners.

8. Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega offers print curriculum options for Kindergarten through 2nd grade and print and computer-based curriculum options for grades 3-12. Alpha Omega focuses on five main subjects: ​​Bible, History and Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science.

9. Heart of Dakota

Heart of Dakota Homeschooling features open-and go plans for students aged 2 through high school. Heart of Dakota uses a Charlotte Mason approach and hands-on activities. 

10. The Good and the Beautiful

The Good and the Beautiful Homeschool Curriculum emphasizes literature and character development for students in Pre-K - high school. This curriculum integrates subjects and focuses on whole-family learning. 

11. Memoria Press

Memoria Press is a Classical Christian homeschooling curriculum for students in grades Pre-K-12. Their curriculum includes subjects like Latin and Logic. Memoria Academy is their online learning portal for students in grades 3-12.

12. My Father’s World

My Father’s World uses a unit-study approach, and combines Classical Education and Charlotte Mason methodologies. For students in Pre-K through 12th grade, My Father’s World uses a family learning cycle approach and is based on structured mornings with flexible afternoons.

13. Seton Home Study School

Seton Home Study School is a Catholic Homeschool curriculum focused on structure and traditional teaching. Seton is an accredited school that assists Catholic homeschool parents in teaching students in Pre-K through high school.

14. Mother of Divine Grace 

Mother of Divine Grace is a Classical Catholic Homeschooling program. It aims to offer flexibility and a range of support options for Catholic Homeschool families.

Can You Homeschool Without a Curriculum?

All homeschool families may not need a full homeschool curriculum, but we find that many Christian families truly thrive with Sonlight’s all-in-one, open-and-go-complete curriculum homeschool packages.

Sonlight gives parents more time to teach and be with their children because lessons are fully planned, and many subjects can be combined for students of various ages.

With Sonlight, parents can rest assured that their family is getting the best Christian Homeschool education through carefully chosen literature/read-aloud resources, hands-on activity kits, and detailed Instructor Guides.

Sonlight also offers resources for families and access to homeschool experts. Whether you’re wondering about full curriculum packages, how to choose the best homeschool math curriculum, or how to get started with children in preschool or Kindergarten, Sonlight is here to support your family.

Homeschooling With Sonlight

There are so many reasons to homeschool using Sonlight curriculum, and we hope you’ll head here to learn more

We also welcome you to  try Sonlight for FREE.

Sonlight has been a favorite among Christian homeschooling families for more than 30 years.  Start planning with Sonlight and get encouragement and support today.

sonlight catalog

Find the freedom of educating your kids at their own pace with a Sonlight program. No matter when you start your school year, your plans are ready.

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