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How to Plan Your Entire Sonlight Year and Reclaim Sunday Nights

A few years ago I found a homeschool planning method that has completely changed my life! I switched from weekly homeschool planning to planning for the entire year, and I will tell you...I will never go back! I don’t know … Continue reading

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5 Back-to-(Home)school Resolutions to Transform My Year

The bright feeling of possibility I feel at the start of the school year is unmatched, even by New Year’s Day itself. Maybe it’s my love for paperclips, folders, books, and school supplies; or maybe it’s as F. Scott Fitzgerald … Continue reading

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Back to Homeschool Traditions Forge Family Identity

I'm always amazed at the creativity of our moms! For example, in a recent post in a Facebook group*, moms were sharing back to homeschool traditions to make a first day of school special! Here are a few of my … Continue reading

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A Carrot For the New Year

I'm sending you just one picture of my eldest who got the new stuff for this year and was most excited. I have 3 kids who will be in 3rd, 1st and Kindergarten using Sonlight – the best homeschool program … Continue reading

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Nothing better than Box Day

Is there anything better than box day? Nope! I love that Sonlight makes the boxes fun to keep the kids busy while I pour over the new curriculum and beautiful books! I'm so excited to start this school year! ~Stephanie … Continue reading

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Working home school mom.

My name is Shauna G. I am a second year home school mom. This experience has been at times trying, but for the most part a blessing. I own and run a busy dog grooming shop. I spent so much … Continue reading

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N Family Box Day Celebration

We start school as soon as our summer vacations are over. I told the kids we could wait until August to officially start school, but once the box arrived, anticipation was high. Ready to get started We had to run … Continue reading

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