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5 Back-to-(Home)school Resolutions to Transform My Year

The bright feeling of possibility I feel at the start of the school year is unmatched, even by New Year’s Day itself. Maybe it’s my love for paperclips, folders, books, and school supplies; or maybe it’s as F. Scott Fitzgerald … Continue reading

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Back to Homeschool Traditions Forge Family Identity

I'm always amazed at the creativity of our moms! For example, in a recent post in a Facebook group, moms were sharing back to homeschool traditions to make a first day of school special! Here are a few of my … Continue reading

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Working home school mom.

My name is Shauna G. I am a second year home school mom. This experience has been at times trying, but for the most part a blessing. I own and run a busy dog grooming shop. I spent so much … Continue reading

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N Family Box Day Celebration

We start school as soon as our summer vacations are over. I told the kids we could wait until August to officially start school, but once the box arrived, anticipation was high. Ready to get started We had to run … Continue reading

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Haul It, Open It, Read It, Stack It!!

Ka-thunk! Ka-thunk! Ka-thunk! The startling noises from the front porch caused the P Family to race down the stairs and gather in the foyer. As the mom and two sisters cautiously opened the front door, they spied not one, not … Continue reading

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Box Day Castle

We recently moved to Uganda (hence the many boxes) and are half way through our first year of Sonlight which we love. We took some photos today of the Sonlight box as the capstone of a castle as well as … Continue reading

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Box Day: A Lesson in Patience

It's our first year of homeschooling and I was definitely more excited than the kids for box day. I kept our schedule open that day, knowing the delivery man could show up at any moment. I wasn't about to miss … Continue reading

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