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N Family Box Day Celebration

We start school as soon as our summer vacations are over. I told the kids we could wait until August to officially start school, but once the box arrived, anticipation was high. Ready to get started We had to run … Continue reading

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Sonlight Feels Like "Home"!

When researching curriculums to start my new kindergartener on in the fall, I looked at many different options. None of them were quite right until I found Sonlight. It just feels like "home"! Maybe it's because a reading-based curriculum is … Continue reading

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Jaden's first box day.

I was so excited to get our Pre-K package with K readers. My 4 year old, Jaden, is very excited to start school and has always loved reading. He said, "Mommy I'm going to do school at home?! Yay!" I … Continue reading

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Sonlight feeds our book addiction!!

My kids and I have always loved books. I always had stacks and stacks of books in their room since they were old enough to grab their attention. Then when it was time to start school and we discovered Sonlight!! … Continue reading

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It’s a Wrap!

This is our first box day and first time homeschooling. Our boys have previously attended the local public school but were not happy there. After much prayer and discussion, we decided to start homeschooling this year using Sonlight. Opening the … Continue reading

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First Year for a Sonlight Full Package

My son, David (4 ys old), is too excited about his new books to have a nap today. So, I allowed him to assemble the Instructor's Guide with me. My eager and excited helper My daughter, Lisa (2 ys old), … Continue reading

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Haul It, Open It, Read It, Stack It!!

Ka-thunk! Ka-thunk! Ka-thunk! The startling noises from the front porch caused the P Family to race down the stairs and gather in the foyer. As the mom and two sisters cautiously opened the front door, they spied not one, not … Continue reading

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