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Seven Tips for the New Homeschool Year

Box Day came and went. You snapped that first-day-of-school photo (or not), and now you may be weeks into your new homeschool year. How is it going so far? I know the excitement and trepidation a new year can bring. … Continue reading

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What You Need When Launching Your Homeschool Adventure

The older boys were almost eight and seven. My oldest girl was almost six, and I was the most tired mother on the planet. We had seven little children under the age of eight. Half of the population of my … Continue reading

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Feeling a Bit of Panic? Consider this...

It wasn't panic, per se, that woke me at 4:27 this morning. It wasn't even "worry." My brain simply wanted to remind me of the daunting, 8-hour ordeal ahead of me today. 'Maybe,' my distraught processing center whispered, 'just maybe, … Continue reading

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Why Did You Start Homeschooling?

God leads each of us differently. For me, I've always felt like I just sort of, you know, "end up" someplace. I don't hear God's tell me to do this or that thing but, over time, I often realize that … Continue reading

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How to Get Back into the Swing of Homeschooling

Re-entry into homeschooling can be tough; it doesn't matter if it's Christmas break or Summer vacation. Don't believe me? Here's just one recent account. So how do you get back into the swing of homeschooling? You don't do it like … Continue reading

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