I could never homeschool because... Part 3: Socialization

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The hardest part of homeschooling often isn't the homeschooling!

With a great curriculum like Sonlight, the teaching is the easy part! The harder part is clearing the hurdles to get started in the first place.

We’re here to help you push past these worries that many homeschool parents face. In this blog series, we’ll debunk the most common hurdles to getting started homeschooling.

We’ll give you tips to overcome and advice to thrive, plus we'll share stories of real homeschoolers who have cleared these hurdles.

What about socialization? Will my child be isolated and lonely?

Socialization is one of the leading concerns about homeschooling. Rest assured, though, homeschooling is a fantastic way to socialize your child. While homeschooling doesn’t guarantee a social butterfly, neither does public school. It is ultimately a culmination of a child’s personality, experiences, and values that makes them who they are.

Don’t buy into the homeschooling socialization myth. A wonderful world of socializing awaits! May these resources help you take the leap. Go for it!


"Our doctor asked us once what we use for curriculum because he was impressed with our children's knowledge and social skills. Using Sonlight allows for enjoyable independent learning that allows our children to grow and flourish in their quest for knowledge."

The W family of Lancaster, OH


"Be empowered and encouraged in the face of ill-informed “But what about socialization?” questions. These doubts are flawed at the very root, based on incorrect beliefs about the public school system, incorrect perceptions of when socialization occurs, and incorrect and narrow definitions of socialization itself. Non-traditional education bypasses these pitfalls, and allows for a wide range of (true!) socialization."

Gina Munsey, The Oaxacaborn Blog

To ease your fears about homeschooling, pair this encouragement with a time-tested homeschool curriculum. Let Sonlight equip you and give you the confidence to do it well.

With all your materials and plans laid out for you to just open and teach, you do have what it takes to homeschool! We are so happy to be part of your homeschool and walk alongside you in this journey

Consult a Sonlight Advisor for personalized homeschool advice. FREE!

If you are considering a new direction for your children’s education or have doubts about your homeschool and want personalized reassurance, we have experienced homeschooling moms who would love to talk to you. With our Sonlight Advisors, you'll get one-on-one help, new ideas, and renewed confidence.

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