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Homeschool 101, getting started, and articles for those new to homeschooling. Here are the basics every homeschool parent wonders about and needs to have clarity on.

Stories from New Homeschoolers: How to Juggle Working & Teaching

In the Sonlight Connections group (membership for anyone with a free account on and the Teacher Connection group (membership offered to qualified new Sonlighters), we asked brand new, unexpected homeschoolers how they are juggling working with teaching their children at home. Bottom line … Continue reading

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7 Steps to Starting a Homeschool Co-Op You & Your Kids Will Love

Homeschool co-ops are a source of connection and fellowship for families all over the country. At co-ops, bonds are formed, and people come together for one purpose: raising and educating children. My family began a homeschool co-op in our small … Continue reading

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3 Steps Before You Begin Assessing Your Child’s Progress

“But how will I know if my child is where he should be?” That’s usually one of the first few questions prospective homeschool moms ask me. We always want to know if we are doing things correctly, if we are … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Assess (and Document) Your Child's Learning

Assessing your child doesn’t have to be complicated. My favorite motto for just about everything homeschool related is “Keep It Simple!” So keep that in mind as you read through this list, and remember that there are several different ways … Continue reading

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How to Find and Fill Academic Gaps

Watch the video above or read the transcript below to learn how finding academic gaps is a good thing in your homeschool! If after watching or reading, you still have questions about what your child needs, reach out to an … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Give Your Homeschool a Progress Report

“Okay, let’s do the AAR,” my husband said after a church event our family had organized. We gathered in the living room and one by one gave our two cents, down to our youngest child. “I really liked when we … Continue reading

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50 Practical But Under-appreciated Homeschool Ideas

Making the most of Sonlight means seeing the content from fresh angles, rebuilding habits to rehabilitate forgotten ideas, and safeguarding a peaceful home-life. When it’s time to restructure and reinvigorate, consider these ideas for a new lease on the homeschool … Continue reading

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