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Homeschool 101, getting started, and articles for those new to homeschooling. Here are the basics every homeschool parent wonders about and needs to have clarity on.

9 Ways to Ease Your Transition from Public School to Homeschool

To say I was a reluctant homeschooler is an understatement. When my husband suggested we homeschool, I said, “You’re not going to enslave me like that! No way!” As an introvert, I did not want to be stuck with my … Continue reading

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Three Must-Haves for Your Homeschool Room

The most wonderful thing about homeschooling is also also the most difficult thing about homeschooling: Learning is implanted in real life and real relationships. Sometimes I have to stop reading in the middle of a chapter in order to change … Continue reading

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What Is Socialization?

Socialization is a word that we homeschoolers often come to dread, probably because it’s the focus of much criticism for our chosen educational philosophy. There’s probably not a single homeschooler out there who hasn’t heard, “But what about socialization?” Often, … Continue reading

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3 Questions That Help You Find the Right Homeschool Curriculum

Liam is excited about all the books in his homeschool curriculum. Curriculum choices can overwhelm even the most seasoned homeschooler. As you know, there are many options, creating even more confusion when it comes to narrowing the choice to only one. … Continue reading

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Mastery vs Completion: Working to Finish or Working to Learn?

"My only regret is that I didn't start with Sonlight sooner! At least our youngest daughter, Haven Grace got to start Sonlight from the beginning with preschool."—Teresa S. of Allendale, MI What's more important to you in your homeschool? Finishing … Continue reading

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Sonlight Helps You Shift from Pandemic Schooling to Homeschooling

While schools are trying to establish distance learning and redesign their curriculum, many families are beginning to look outside the public school system and turn toward homeschooling.  Some families have been on the fence about trying homeschooling, never really having … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Guide to Sonlight's Markable Map

"We love this map! It’s a great hands-on tool for Kage (6) to use. This visual aid furthers his understanding of the size of each continent, the locations of the oceans, and much more. He is a visual learner like … Continue reading

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