The Ultimate Summer Reading List For Elementary Students

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The Ultimate Summer Reading List For Elementary Students

Summer is here and we have the ultimate summer reading list for your elementary learners. This carefully curated list of books has been personally recommended by Sonlight families as the best of the best! Take a look at the titles and get some tips for keeping your kids reading all summer long.

The Ultimate Summer Reading List For Elementary Students

As part of our literature spotlight this year, we asked Sonlight families to share their very best recommendations for summer books. The following titles were crowdsourced directly from other like-minded parents. As always, please be sure to examine the books yourself to ensure they are appropriate for your family's individual needs.

Take a look at all the amazing books we have on our list and download a printable PDF copy below!

Titles that are part of a series are indicated with an asterik (*). See below for the complete list of series recommended by Sonlight families.

Sonlight Titles Recommended By Parents For Summer Reading

We were thrilled to see that many of the parent-sourced titles are books that we recommend and study as part of our literature-based curriculum. These 25 recommended titles are among the very best for elementary-aged readers and many are recommended in our curriculum packages.

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh took our family by storm—we could not put it down! The heroism! Oh, we loved it. My children, 9,7, and 6, were all as absorbed as I was. Absolutely perfect for a summer read! B. Family Sonlighters

The Top Books Recommended By Parents Of Elementary Readers

In addition, these elementary-age books were repeatedly recommended by Sonlight parents.

I just absolutely love The Miraculous journey of Edward Tulane. It makes me cry every time. — M. Family Sonlighters

Top Book Series For Elementary Students 

It's wonderful when your child finds an author they love. This is a list of the top multi-book series recommended by parents for sensational summer reading.

And the #1 most recommended books/series...

Dream Keeper Saga (3 book series)
Dream Keeper Saga (3 book series)
Green Ember Series (4 book series)Green Ember Series (4 book series)
The Wingfeather Saga (4 book series)
The Wingfeather Saga (4 book series)
I Survived Series Complete Books Set (21 Books)I Survived Series Complete Books Set (21 Books)

(Looking for Summer Reading Lists for older readers? Check out our Middle School and High School Guides.)

Here is what we will be RE-reading this summer. The Dead Sea Squirrels is part of a 10-book series. In the book, Michael tags along with his dad on an archeological dig at the Dead Sea. He finds two squirrels that he thinks will make the perfect souvenir. It's a very funny, lighthearted, quick-reading kind of series. Lots of 5th grade type mischief and tons of giggles."

— K. Family Sonlighters

Keeping Your Children Interested In Reading Throughout The Summer

Here are some ideas to help keep your child engaged and reading all summer long:

  • Set a reading goal. This might be a specific number of books, a number of pages, or even just a target amount of time to read each day.
  • Make it fun. Make your family's approach to summer reading something enjoyable and fun. Going to the library, a special trip to the bookstore, or even reading aloud together can turn reading into a special event for your little one.
  • Create a habit of reading. One of best ways to keep your child reading is to make it automatic. Encourage your child to read every single day, even if it's just for a few minutes. Or, you may also set aside some time each day for family reading time.
  • Follow your child's interests. Finding books that correlate to your child's interests makes them that much more engaging.
  • Offer fun rewards. Small tokens of progress towards reading goals or special trips taken after finishing a book are a great way to encourage summer reading. For example, one Sonlight family went to visit the beach after reading a Who Would Win book about aquatic creatures.

By following these tips, you can help your child keep reading all summer long. Track your summer reading progress with Sonlight's FREE Summer Reading Challenge Kit too!

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