Winners of the 2024 Sonlight Photo Contest

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Every year we host the Sonlight photo contest to give Sonlighters a chance to share a compelling story and photo about their experience with Sonlight. Not only is it a chance to showcase your #sonlightstories, but all contest entries have a shot at being on the Sonlight catalog cover!

Did you know we feature real photos and testimonials from our customers in all our marketing? That's right! Most of the photos you see in our catalog, emails, social media posts, and on our website and blog come from real Sonlight families! We love seeing how Sonlight shows up in your day-to-day life as you love learning with your kids, and we say thank you to all the families who participated in this year's photo contest.

Congratulations to the 2024 Sonlight Photo Contest winners featured below!

PHOTO CONTEST WINNER: E. Family, Sonlighters in Tennessee

Pictured: Grey (6) is designing a boat to see how the shape impacts how well it can do its job. He is testing his design by counting how many pennies the boat will hold before it sinks. He is doing experiment 30 in the Sonlight K Science's Discover and Do book. 

Sonlight has added value to our lives by giving me the confidence to home educate my child. Not only does home educating give our family more time together, but it gives us a commonality of interests that we would not have otherwise. We have thoroughly enjoyed the literature. We read the chapter books on our patio during teatime, and it has become such a special time for us to reset in the afternoon. I know I am making traditions and fond memories for my child by doing this. The scripture memory songs not only write scripture on my son’s heart, but mine as well. Through teaching him the Bible every day with this program, I am better equipped for character training, and my son loves the Bible. The program is open and go, and all subjects are cohesive and build on each other and are also very fun! Because I didn't know if it work for us, I was hesitant to purchase Sonlight because of the cost. As soon as I received the curriculum, I knew I had made the right decision. It is amazing!" — The E. Family, Sonlighters in Tennessee

PHOTO CONTEST WINNER: G. Family, Sonlighters in Maryland

Pictured: One of Alisa's (12) favorite books from Core E was The Seventeenth Swap.

I wasn’t sure about Sonlight at first which is why we “tried it before we bought it.” It was what convinced me we could do Sonlight as we began homeschooling for the first time four years ago. The sample Instructor’s Guide/Reader questions were truly a valuable asset to enjoying our first book from Sonlight. I wanted to become readers who appreciated reading great books. Sonlight was even more than I expected, and the learning through books hands down has created a love for learning. When our days are not so smooth, books help us through, and learning is still taking place. We’ve never looked back or considered anything else. Sonlight is amazing!" — The G. Family, Sonlighters in Maryland

PHOTO CONTEST WINNER: G. Family, Sonlighters in Ohio

Pictured: Carolyn (12, Level F), Nelia (9, Level F), Nicholas (7, Level A), and Eleanor (4, Level A) celebrate the end of their school year with their customary picture.

We love Sonlight, and this year was our best yet! Core F was so much fun, and all the wonderful stories really made the places we studied come to life. The only complaint I heard on a regular basis was: "Mom, can't you just read another chapter...?" — The G. Family, Sonlighters in Ohio

Thanks again for making this year's photo contest a success. But please don't need to wait for our next annual photo contest to encourage other families with your everyday homeschool stories. You can share your #sonlightstories year-round! You never know when something you share may appear in a catalog, on our homepage, or on the Sonlight blog.

We invite you to share your pictures directly on the Sonlight website or on your favorite social media platform all year long. If sharing on social media, tag us (@sonlightcurriculum and @sonlight) and be sure to include hashtags #sonlightstories, #sonlightstack, or #sonlightboxday.

Keep sharing your #sonlightstories!

Can't wait to tell someone how much you love Sonlight? Tell your #sonlightstory in the comments below!

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