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Faith, Science, and Thinking Across Disciplines

As debates about faith and science continue, I'm reminded about the importance of learning to think across disciplines. Too often there is an academic tendency to isolate the disciplines. This is helpful to a certain extent, but not at the … Continue reading

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Stuff I Think You'll Find Interesting

Have you ever felt worn out defending your decision to homeschool? Have you been thinking about the latest Supreme Court ruling on marriage and how Christians should respond? Has someone asked you about socialization yet again? Have you been scouring … Continue reading

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The Unthinking Religious

I witnessed a goat sacrifice the first time I visited India. That was different. But, as a tourist, the terminated bleating just added to the foreign experience. We moved on as the priest dabbed blood on the young couple's foreheads. … Continue reading

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The Simple Way to Help Your Kids Learn to Think

My Alma Mater has a "great books" program. My wife was part of it, and so she read such works as Homer and Sayers and the Federalist Papers. But the comment that I heard again and again from her classmates … Continue reading

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Why Children Cheat: Classrooms, Karma, and Consequences

Within the recesses of her hoody, she embodies the girl described in the opening of Britt Nicole's Headphones song. It's the next best thing to an invisibility cloak. And from these artificial shadows, she glares at the loathed "bubble test" … Continue reading

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Cultivating Good Thinking

Not long after the advent of World War II, C.S. Lewis preached a sermon which later came to be called "Learning in War-Time" (see The Weight of Glory and Other Addresses). In a famous quote from the address, Lewis said, … Continue reading

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