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Homeschool Habits That Build Readers in an Internet-driven World

Do you remember when we discussed the idea of teaching our kids to focus (since the average American's attention span has grown shorter than a goldfish's)? I often think book lovers like us won't feel the ramifications of a distracted … Continue reading

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Pop Culture's Misunderstanding of God vs Science

A comedian is riffing on the radio. He's had the crowd laughing and now says: I'm not against religion. Believe what you want to believe. But I always side with science because religion constantly changes over time. Scientists don't suddenly … Continue reading

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The Unthinking Religious

I witnessed a goat sacrifice the first time I visited India. That was different. But, as a tourist, the terminated bleating just added to the foreign experience. We moved on as the priest dabbed blood on the young couple's foreheads. … Continue reading

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Culture: Entrench, Embrace, Engage?

"My kingdom is not of this world," said Jesus (John 18:36), while earlier he told his followers, "you are not of the world" (John 15:19). Elsewhere we are told, "the wisdom of this world is folly with God" (1 Corinthians … Continue reading

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