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Homeschool Habits That Build Readers in an Internet-driven World

Do you remember when we discussed the idea of teaching our kids to focus (since the average American's attention span has grown shorter than a goldfish's)? I often think book lovers like us won't feel the ramifications of a distracted … Continue reading

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Why the Internet May Rip People from Faith

I read an intriguing post about how The Internet Is Disrupting Religion. The author, Andy, is pleased to see religion go; I offered a few observations in the comment section. But a larger question has been forming in my mind … Continue reading

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A few weeks back I suddenly found myself being attacked on the Internet. I had posted something on my Facebook page about a personal achievement toward a goal I have about natural living. I got the requisite several "likes" from … Continue reading

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Careful What You Post Online

One of my friends has a secret social media account. She posts stuff there she doesn't want anyone she knows to know about. It's a cathartic experience for her where she can let slip all the dark, nasty, painful things … Continue reading

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Listen to the Stories Your Children Tell Themselves

Sarita's post about young adult fiction grabbed me by the collar and threw me against the wall. As my head smacked the metaphorical bricks, something snapped into focus. Words will fail me here, but I felt a wave of sorrow … Continue reading

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What YouTube Teaches Us About Socialization

Years ago a web comic brought us an excellent idea for YouTube: We should force people to listen to their comment before it is posted. I mentioned this last year when discussing seeking validation on the internet. This came to … Continue reading

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