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Want Your Children to Reject Your Teaching? Do This

Right before my lonely years in a public high school, my best friend and I had a final interaction. Memory plays its usual tricks and I do not recall ever seeing him again. The details unfold like a dream, jumping … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Now Is Not the Time to Learn About Islam

I understand that missionary work is very important. However, I don't appreciate you encouraging us to teach our children to understand Muslim culture and beliefs. I think this is particularly poor timing. I appreciate the feedback. Of course, I was … Continue reading

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I Like What I'm Seeing, Protestants and Catholics

He's an older man with a bitter and irritated vibe. He's a stickler for precision and likes to get things in writing so he can call you on it later. The pastors of my church turned down his requests for … Continue reading

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Violent, Imperfect, and Redemptive

I think I saw the question on Facebook shared by one of my irreligious friends. "Why do Christians wear torture devices around their necks?" Why? Because the cross symbolizes Christ's death and resurrection, our freedom from sin and our connection … Continue reading

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Why the Internet May Rip People from Faith

I read an intriguing post about how The Internet Is Disrupting Religion. The author, Andy, is pleased to see religion go; I offered a few observations in the comment section. But a larger question has been forming in my mind … Continue reading

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Pop Culture's Misunderstanding of God vs Science

A comedian is riffing on the radio. He's had the crowd laughing and now says: I'm not against religion. Believe what you want to believe. But I always side with science because religion constantly changes over time. Scientists don't suddenly … Continue reading

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