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4 Ways to Use the Simple Tool of Talking in Your Homeschool

Do your kids talk a lot? Mine too! On more than one occasion I have prayed for an off button. I have one who can go on endlessly about Greek mythology and another who could set fire to my ears … Continue reading

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The Best Way to Build Vocabulary in Your Homeschool

The average active vocabulary of an adult English speaker is ten to twenty thousand words, with a passive vocabulary (the words you recognize, but don’t use) of 40,000. As a point of comparison, Shakespeare’s vocabulary is estimated at over 66,000. … Continue reading

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Want Your Children to Reject Your Teaching? Do This

Right before my lonely years in a public high school, my best friend and I had a final interaction. Memory plays its usual tricks and I do not recall ever seeing him again. The details unfold like a dream, jumping … Continue reading

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Teaching Kids how to say no

I homeschooled my four children for many reasons. I started because the public schools in our area were unacceptable and we couldn't afford private school. I continued because we all loved it. While homeschooling, we grew closer as a family, … Continue reading

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How Sonlight Approaches Islam, Buddhism and Other Religions

A Sonlight mom wrote last month that her daughter's study of different religions is "giving her great inner conviction." Praise God! Here is the longer story: I continue to be incredibly impressed and excited every day about what my 11-year-old … Continue reading

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