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Saying No Creates Boundaries of Freedom for Your Homeschool

Your kids are using curriculum that couldn’t be a better fit for them. You love the church you attend and are heavily involved in serving and participating in activities there. The weekly meeting with a friend is a great source … Continue reading

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Teaching Kids how to say no

I homeschooled my four children for many reasons. I started because the public schools in our area were unacceptable and we couldn't afford private school. I continued because we all loved it. While homeschooling, we grew closer as a family, … Continue reading

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When to Stay Within the Lines

My wife has been helping a family at church by watching their not-yet-two-year-old. She's a cute kid with a giant impish grin and a vocabulary that's growing beyond "car" and "motorcycle" (her dad's a mechanic and loves cars, so she … Continue reading

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Transitions ...

Any journey comes with changes in direction. Our homeschool journey has been no different. Our path changed dramatically when our firstborn graduated from our homeschool and went to college ... and then graduated from college ... and got married. The … Continue reading

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