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8 Ways for Homeschool Moms to Get More Sleep

For many families, homeschooling means more sleep. And that is good news for kids. But what about moms? Sleep deprivation seems like part of the job description. And let's be honest: It is hard to serve your family well when … Continue reading

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The Four Levels of Rest Homeschool Parents Need

God seems to take rest pretty seriously. In this strange year of 2020, you might be more aware than usual of your need for deep rest. Perhaps you don't just feel body tired, but tired in your soul. That's more … Continue reading

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Use This Powerful Key to Create a Restful Homeschool Atmosphere

The moment you step into a spa, something changes. You relax your shoulders and breathe deeply, drinking in your surroundings. Enveloped by a calming aroma, cozy lighting, and soft music, you exhale slowly, admiring the clean, clutter-free atmosphere around you. … Continue reading

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Moving from Exhaustion to Rhythms of Rest in Your Homeschool Life

Are you tired? I don't mean the kind of tiredness which goes with the territory of being a full-time educator, full-time mom, and full-time renaissance woman. (Pass the coffee.) No, I'm talking about habitual, out-of-control, runaway tiredness, the kind of … Continue reading

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Taking Time

I am primarily a doer. I like to take care of myself. I like to care for my family. But these past few weeks, months really, have been flying by with not a lot of doing. Being hugely pregnant most … Continue reading

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When to Stay Within the Lines

My wife has been helping a family at church by watching their not-yet-two-year-old. She's a cute kid with a giant impish grin and a vocabulary that's growing beyond "car" and "motorcycle" (her dad's a mechanic and loves cars, so she … Continue reading

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