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The Four Levels of Rest Homeschool Parents Need

God seems to take rest pretty seriously. In this strange year of 2020, you might be more aware than usual of your need for deep rest. Perhaps you don't just feel body tired, but tired in your soul. That's more … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Make Your Family Vacation More Educational

One of the most talked-about benefits of homeschooling is how it frees families to travel more often together, mainly because they are not tied to a strict school schedule. In addition, homeschool families can avoid the more expensive and busier … Continue reading

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Taking a Break

Have you noticed how much work you to have to do to go on vacation? For me, it often feels so overwhelming, I'd rather stay home. I'm a homebody. My wife rejects my proclivity, insisting that vacations are a good … Continue reading

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The Road Trip

1 vehicle 6 people 53 hours 3600 miles My family recently returned from a big road trip that spanned seven states and a lot of miles. Somehow we managed and had a lot of fun, too. Our trek wasn't all … Continue reading

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How to Get Back into the Swing of Homeschooling

Re-entry into homeschooling can be tough; it doesn't matter if it's Christmas break or Summer vacation. Don't believe me? Here's just one recent account. So how do you get back into the swing of homeschooling? You don't do it like … Continue reading

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