The Road Trip

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Woody PEZ on the Golden Gate Bridge

Woody PEZ on the Golden Gate Bridge

1 vehicle
6 people
53 hours
3600 miles

My family recently returned from a big road trip that spanned seven states and a lot of miles. Somehow we managed and had a lot of fun, too.

Our trek wasn't all dependent on video games, smart phones, and tablet devices, either--things I didn't have when I went on road trips as a kid (well, ok, we did eventually have Merlin and Coleco's Electronic Quarterback).

Sitting in a fast-moving metal box for hours and hours is not always pleasant, but it did provide us with the opportunity to enjoy a lot of stories together. We got through a number of titles, including some we've read before, such as Watership Down, a couple of the Narnia books, and American Tall Tales told by Jim Weiss.

People love stories. It's as though we are wired for them. Whether it's literature, film, television, or other forms of storytelling, we are often captivated by the stories we encounter. That's why literature-rich eduction, which Sonlight Curriculum offers, is so powerful and moving. We not only get to encounter great characters and situations, but we can learn much from them, with the added bonus that they're a lot of fun on road trips!

What sorts of activities help you pass the time on a family road trip? Does your family enjoy experiencing certain stories again and again?

Robert Velarde

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