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Why Storytelling Matters for Your Homeschool

Imagine you grew up in an ancient indigenous culture with no books, no computers, no electricity. How would you have spent your evenings? Perhaps around a fire, listening to stories. Most cultures around the world have passed on their values … Continue reading

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Teach How Jesus Taught

How have children learned from the beginning of time? How did Jesus himself teach his followers? Through stories, in the context of relationship. And that is just what Sonlight comes alongside you to help you do. We help you teach … Continue reading

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What We Love about Sonlighters

My Mom, the founder of Sonlight, sometimes says, "I can always tell when someone is a Sonlight user. There's a connection there." And that comment is fuzzy, but I think she means that there are things that all Sonlighters love and appreciate. We … Continue reading

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The Gift of Play

It's just another day of school. You know, math, reading, slaying dragons, building forts and climbing trees. Sound like your typical classroom? Today I want to give us all permission to let loose a little and PLAY. (I thought about … Continue reading

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25 Years (& 16K books) Later: My Favorite Part of Making Sonlight

As we gear up for our 25th anniversary celebration next week, I've been thinking about the joys of being part of Sonlight all these years. This post shares one of my highlights. My parents didn't oversee much of what I … Continue reading

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Please Share Your Input: Why Homeschooling Is Worth It

Sonlight has an ebook coming out soon titled, "It Was Worth It!" More importantly, we'd love to share your story in it. Have you been homeschooling for a while (your children graduated or in high school)? Do you have a … Continue reading

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Match Ends Tonight. What Did You Learn?

One of the goals of this year's giving project was to help us catch God's heart for the Muslim world. I haven't had a chance to hear your stories, so I thought I'd share what I discovered. 1. This came … Continue reading

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