Please Share Your Input: Why Homeschooling Is Worth It

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Sonlight has an ebook coming out soon titled, "It Was Worth It!" More importantly, we'd love to share your story in it.

Have you been homeschooling for a while (your children graduated or in high school)? Do you have a specific moment when you realized that homeschooling was absolutely worth it? Were there long days when you wondered if the hard work and investment was going to be worth it, and now you're glad you stuck it out? Do you have examples of how homeschooling was good for you -- not just your kids? Is there something you've shared with other homeschoolers to encourage them that what they are doing is worth it?



Please share your 600-1200 word story of how homeschooling has been worth it for you and your family. Email it to by May 29. That's a very quick turnaround, so if you want to contribute, please write up something now and send it our way. And, yes, if you've already written a blog post about this, feel free to use that as your submission.

Worth It

The details:

  • 600-1200 words
  • emailed to
  • by May 29, 2015
  • on the topic of "It Was Worth It!"
  • If your submission is selected, we'll also include a blurb about you, your photo, and a link to your blog or website if you want.
  • We may also pull quotes from each submission for the ebook or other Sonlight materials.

Questions? Please ask.

I'm looking forward to reading what you found made homeschooling worth it!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Pseudo-Dad

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