An Encouraging Word for Mother's Day

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God knew what He was doing when he made you a mother. He knew that you are not perfect, but that you are exactly the right person for this irreplaceable role in your children's lives.

A Sonlight mom reads with her children
Sonlight students Abby and Sarah K enjoy spending time with their fabulous mom, Sennu, as they read together.

God knew that at times, being a mother can be hard. He knew that motherhood would help you realize how much you need His grace and love in your own life. God also knew you would then help show your children the meaning of grace and love in their lives.

We've all discovered by now that being a mom puts our weaknesses in the limelight. Living in daily relationship with little people who need us so much shows us the depth of our selfishness. But just like marriage, parenthood is a refining fire that helps mold us into the women God has called us to be. Every time you get up at night to nurse a baby or comfort a sick child, you practice compassion. When you set aside your own agenda in order to truly listen to your teen, you practice servanthood. When you will yourself to stand up and cook dinner when you'd really love to veg in front of Hulu, you develop strength of character.

And thus, being a mother also reveals your amazing strengths. Who knew you had such a capacity to love these little people God has given you? Have you stopped to consider your astounding ability to organize life and run a household (even though it doesn't look like Pinterest)? And look at all you do as a homeschool teacher: You have a stunning ability to problem solve and find what works for your children. You can teach children to read, do math and read a map. You can go without sleep when you need to. You can make lunch with one hand while you entertain a baby. You can help children discover the God who loves them. You have a true openness to share your life with others. You have opened your heart to the mystery and beauty of raising a family.

So as we approach Mother's Day, I want to celebrate this calling of motherhood that God has given you. He chose you specifically, and I am so grateful that he did. As I look back on my own time at home with my children, I see all the sweat, tears, prayers and joys ... and I say without hesitation that it was all worth it. One day you will look back and say the same.

Thank you for raising the next generation. God is with you in this incredible and blessed task.


P.S. If you’re a father reading this, God bless you, too! Being a father is every bit as important, difficult and wonderful as being a mom, and I am truly grateful for your work raising the next generation.

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