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7 Family Rules for Being Good Stewards of Technology

Technology is a blessing. Through advancements in technology in the last few decades, we have gained access to more information than we ever could have imagined. Do you need to renew your vehicle registration? No problem. That will only take … Continue reading

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Homeschool Habits That Build Readers in an Internet-driven World

Do you remember when we discussed the idea of teaching our kids to focus (since the average American's attention span has grown shorter than a goldfish's)? I often think book lovers like us won't feel the ramifications of a distracted … Continue reading

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An International Trend You Already Enjoy

Sonlight families are on top of an international trend, and we may not even know it! Have you seen articles online that ask people to look up from their electronic gadgets once in a while? I know I have. Many … Continue reading

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Telling Stories

Imagine you grew up in an ancient indigenous culture. Imagine there were no books, no computers, no electricity. How would you have spent your evenings? Perhaps around a fire listening to stories. Most cultures around the world have passed on … Continue reading

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The Allure of Hands-off Homeschooling

Did you know that some homeschool programs will teach your children for you? You can put your child in front of a computer and then go about your day. Your kids can be homeschooled without you being involved. I'm not … Continue reading

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Technology and Homeschooling: What Do You Think?

Ever since I got my first computer more than thirty years ago I've had an ongoing fascination with technology and its applications. I've since studied and written on the topic of philosophy of technology--a branch of philosophy concerned with all … Continue reading

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Why Parents Have It Better Than Professionals

She reminds me of my wife right out of college, only with glasses and darker hair. She's friendly and seems happy enough to chat. "But I may fall asleep," she warns me. "I'm exhausted." I am too. We're on a … Continue reading

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