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Sonlight families are on top of an international trend, and we may not even know it!

Have you seen articles online that ask people to look up from their electronic gadgets once in a while? I know I have. Many new studies talk about the risks of the ubiquitous distractions in daily life – higher stress, difficulty focusing, and decreased productivity.

One common antidote is to practice focusing on just one thing. Then I read about the new Slow-Reading Movement. In various forms, this popular trend calls us to focus on a book by reading for at least 30 minutes each day. It asks us to stop just skimming and really read. Looks like Sonlight might be just what the doctor ordered.

The Wall Street Journal reports that groups from California to New Zealand have cropped up to help adults read more frequently. These Slow-Reading Groups meet regularly to provide a quiet, communal place to get lost in a book. Club members turn off all their electronic devices and sit together in silence while they all read. They talk of the joy of becoming absorbed in the story, among many other benefits.

Maybe I should write to The Wall Street Journal and tell them that we have our own slow-reading groups. They're called Sonlight families! Every day, around the world, Sonlight families sit down together and read. Through Read-Alouds and silent reading, we sink into real stories. Rather than just skimming online articles, we let ourselves become absorbed in the characters and plot. For this special time every day we turn off the TV, close our computers and enjoy the pleasure of real books.

As if that joy isn't enough, I just saw a study that suggests reading for just six minutes can reduce stress by 68%! Remember this next time you have a frazzled day with the kids at home. Sitting down to read together can really help you regroup.

So let's carry on, Sonlighters! We don't need a fancy club to reap the benefits of reading. With Sonlight, we get to pause and enjoy a good story every day we homeschool.


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