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How Homeschooling Can Prep Teens for Leadership

Can you name one surprising thing influential leaders such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and others have in common? They all spent their teen years in a similar fashion. Check out this intriguing 2015 article from Time about … Continue reading

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Homeschool Habits That Build Readers in an Internet-driven World

Do you remember when we discussed the idea of teaching our kids to focus (since the average American's attention span has grown shorter than a goldfish's)? I often think book lovers like us won't feel the ramifications of a distracted … Continue reading

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Education Is Not About Teaching

This socialization ill lurks in the corner, ignored by edutheorists and mitigated by "classroom management skills" taught to teachers. Coming as no surprise to any of us who actually attended school at some point in our lives, peers, more than … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Teen Depression and Suicide

This article expresses why we didn't purchase Sonlight past 7th grade. I'm not sure how titles like Brave New World, The Great Gatsby, Treasure Island, Death of a Salesman, and others line up with Philippians 4:8. Thanks for sharing the … Continue reading

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Modesty as Respect

I've seen lots of articles on modesty lately. With summer upon us, it feels like everyone is talking about what young women need to do to "keep their brothers pure," and how they find a line to walk between acceptance … Continue reading

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Making Babies is a Good Thing!

I learned yesterday that one of my co-workers used to be a body builder. Now she's pregnant with her second; the joke is that she's a different kind of body builder today. <grin> Lame pun aside, I like the sentiment. … Continue reading

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History, Worldviews, and Life

In a 1784 essay philosopher Immanuel Kant wrote, "Dare to know." At Sonlight we want children to know and understand ideas. That's one of the reasons we put together a new package called History 520: World History and Worldview Studies. … Continue reading

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