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Seven Reasons to Homeschool from a Global Perspective

I was a missionary kid who lived in three countries on two continents by the time I was eight years old, so I’m probably biased when it comes to the idea of homeschooling from a global perspective. The way I was … Continue reading

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Eight Ways to Show Your Family Love During Your Homeschool Day

Are you a person who gets overwhelmed on Pinterest? Do the crafts, decorating tips, elaborate desserts, and backyard landscaping make you feel somehow inferior as a parent? Fortunately you don't have to have a Pinterest perfect life in order to show your … Continue reading

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Dropping the Burden of Performance

Are you feeling burdened right now? This season can be stressful and depleting; how sad given that this is meant to be a time of joy and refreshment. You'll find some excellent pointers and encouragement in Judy's post yesterday about … Continue reading

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...or "Why Considering History is Important" They show up at my door, the newest edition of their publication in hand. As with every sect or person who's willing to discuss life, the universe, and everything, I welcome them in. "Isn't … Continue reading

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Modesty as Respect

I've seen lots of articles on modesty lately. With summer upon us, it feels like everyone is talking about what young women need to do to "keep their brothers pure," and how they find a line to walk between acceptance … Continue reading

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Don't believe the lies

Just because you are accused does not mean you are guilty. I wrote last time about how I was attacked on my Facebook page. How I had my morality, my ethics and my intelligence challenged. I talked about how that … Continue reading

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Musings on Missions, Schisms, and Tolerance

Adventures in Odyssey has a great line about tolerance. Frustrated, one of the characters says, "I will not tolerate your intolerance!" It's one of the many brilliant moments I remember from the radio show of my childhood. Intolerant of Intolerance … Continue reading

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