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The Children of India

India has over 400 million people who have never heard of Jesus. The lostness is staggering, yet God is at work in India! Continue reading

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Seven Reasons to Homeschool from a Global Perspective

I was a missionary kid who lived in three countries on two continents by the time I was eight years old, so I’m probably biased when it comes to the idea of homeschooling from a global perspective. The way I was … Continue reading

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3 Things to Remember When You’re Teaching Worldview

Worldview formation begins long before high school-level worldview courses, long before a child ever knows the terms apologetics, theology, or politics. By the time we as homeschool parents begin to make curriculum decisions for our children—much less prepare a high … Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Read Books with Difficult Topics

As far back as I can remember, I was one of those voracious readers who read everything: the publisher’s mailing address printed in the beginning of books the ISBN numbers every foreword and epilogue—yes, even the appendices the writing on … Continue reading

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Hard things . . .

It seems that of late my phone is constantly alerting me to another disaster or impending doom. Perhaps it's just the combination of Ebola, assisted suicide, the Ferguson killings and the local raid on a meth lab ... or maybe … Continue reading

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What's Your Teaching Philosophy?

Do you have a teaching philosophy? Do you need one? What about the resources you incorporate in homeschooling--do they have a teaching philosophy? A teaching philosophy is typically driven by worldview thinking. A worldview drives how we see and interpret … Continue reading

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What am I teaching?

As our final high school student begins his junior year at home, I am contemplating what I have taught, and am teaching our children. On my junior's plate for this year is Geometry, Chemistry, Sonlight's Core 300 program, some Christian … Continue reading

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