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6 Ways to Teach Civics in Your Homeschool

I was a sophomore in college when I first walked into a civics class. It was a class titled American Government, and I was not excited about it in the least. I had been in plenty of history classes, and … Continue reading

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Does it matter?

My previous blog post focused on recent encouraging news reports featuring homeschoolers. As I was contemplating my blog post for today, it occurred to me that if you're anything like me, you may tend to avoid the news entirely! So … Continue reading

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Hard things . . .

It seems that of late my phone is constantly alerting me to another disaster or impending doom. Perhaps it's just the combination of Ebola, assisted suicide, the Ferguson killings and the local raid on a meth lab ... or maybe … Continue reading

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I'm Learning About the State of Policing

Life-long learning is an incredible thing. But it's sometimes difficult due to cultural, emotional, philosophical, historical, and other -al type factors. Currently, I'm realizing how much more I have to learn about the law enforcement. Greetings, Citizen I don't like … Continue reading

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Don't Isolate Yourself

I watch the breeze sway through the tips of wild grass a few feet from the picnic table. The weather outside is gorgeous today. The tranquility of my lunch cracks against the turmoil in my head. Sudan continues to be … Continue reading

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You Can Use Education to Solve Problems

Educators infer that all we need is an education to solve problems. If we -- or those currently afflicted by suffering due to ignorance -- could simply learn what we needed to know, we'd come out of our current situation. … Continue reading

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Becoming a Teacher

I am discouraged. In light of recent events, James 3 is tumbling around my mind. "Not many of you should become teachers..." First, and most applicably, I teach a Sunday School class. I have kids with whom I read and … Continue reading

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