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Becoming a Teacher

I am discouraged. In light of recent events, James 3 is tumbling around my mind. "Not many of you should become teachers..." First, and most applicably, I teach a Sunday School class. I have kids with whom I read and … Continue reading

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What if I don't know what they need to know?

Luke's post from earlier this week made me smile ... I so remember feeling this way when it came time to teach math to my high school kids. I am seriously missing the required genes for learning, understanding and teaching … Continue reading

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When the world goes crazy ...

April 15th began much like any other day, and ended with details and images of the Boston Marathon bombings flashing across TV and computer screens, newspapers and Twitter feeds. We watched the drama unfold throughout the next few days, and … Continue reading

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I had planned to write about how I am tired of hate. And I am. I am so overwhelmed by the hate that is pounded all the time. Between Christians, between sexes, between countries, between people. I know there are … Continue reading

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