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5 Ways Homeschool Families Can Support Missionaries

Of all the reasons I love our Sonlight education— learning through real-world books, not rewritten sources, developing (rather than simply reciting) a worldview, and connecting geography, history, and culture through human stories —perhaps my favorite reason is how Sonlight also … Continue reading

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Seven Reasons to Homeschool from a Global Perspective

I was a missionary kid who lived in three countries on two continents by the time I was eight years old, so I’m probably biased when it comes to the idea of homeschooling from a global perspective. The way I was … Continue reading

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Why Sonlight Fits Both International and U.S. Families

At a missions conference one time, we asked a roomful of 100 overseas missionaries to stand up if they homeschooled their children. Many did. After they were seated, we then asked them to stand up if they used Sonlight. A … Continue reading

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Changing the world one bed time chat at a time

The title of this blog post, and the inspiration thereof, is blatantly, unabashedly, and completely stolen from the Sonlight Moment of the same name. Please go enjoy that post first. <smile> I don't remember bedtime chats except for the whispered … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Now Is Not the Time to Learn About Islam

I understand that missionary work is very important. However, I don't appreciate you encouraging us to teach our children to understand Muslim culture and beliefs. I think this is particularly poor timing. I appreciate the feedback. Of course, I was … Continue reading

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150 Muslims

"Every Ramadan, my mom would make a huge thing of baklava as a treat for after the sun went down." It's lunchtime and we've been talking food again. Who doesn't like food? Thinking about baklava, my mouth is starting water.* … Continue reading

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Every tongue, tribe and nation: global faces at Sonlight

I looked around the meeting room and smiled. The faces around me reflected Sonlight's global focus. I saw three colleagues from Bosnia, one from Sudan, and one Mongolian Chinese woman among the Sonlight employees. We also had visitors from Liberia … Continue reading

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