Changing the world one bed time chat at a time

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The title of this blog post, and the inspiration thereof, is blatantly, unabashedly, and completely stolen from the Sonlight Moment of the same name. Please go enjoy that post first. <smile>

I don't remember bedtime chats except for the whispered conversations I had with my siblings after we were supposed to be sleep. But my family talked at dinner. We also talked as we read together doing Sonlight. I resonate with how talking about one book brings up another which sparks even more discussion.

As I think about these expanding conversations, I am reminded once again of my high school experience. You know, the one where our class nuked Cuba. As I mention in the linked post, our decisions were entirely present-based, working off current myopia and fear-mongering sound bytes [how well I understood politics even then...]. I do not recall any kind of historical context to the lesson. I don't remember any discussion about what actually happened or why. We convinced our classmates that a first strike was the best choice, our teacher was disappointed in us, and ...and that was it. I'm guessing the bell rang and we moved on to some other class.

How different my Sonlight experience!

Bedtime Talks

With excellent historical literature as our backdrop, every discussion was naturally grounded in the events motivating the decisions. We could discuss our modern biases and cultural misunderstandings. This provided an excellent framework for Scripture study, which also benefits from understanding the original context.

None of our discussions changed the world then and there. But they helped shape us kids to be the people we are today. And, Lord willing, we'll continue to be part of those who follow Christ's leading to bring change and redemption as He directs.

And that, as we see in the many missionary biographies we read, will change the world.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Pseudo-Dad

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