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Why Sonlight Doesn't Insulate Children from Non-Christian Ideas or Religions

I've noticed two overarching styles of preparing Christian students to engage with the world around them. One approach seems primarily inward-focused, seeking to keep children from non-Christian ideas and teaching them to defend their faith and know how to answer … Continue reading

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How Sonlight Helps You Talk with Your Children about Racism

Even if we believe we need to talk with our children about race, the task can feel daunting at times. You probably want your children to grow up knowing that God made everyone, He loves everyone and we should love … Continue reading

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Every tongue, tribe and nation: global faces at Sonlight

I looked around the meeting room and smiled. The faces around me reflected Sonlight's global focus. I saw three colleagues from Bosnia, one from Sudan, and one Mongolian Chinese woman among the Sonlight employees. We also had visitors from Liberia … Continue reading

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Why Isn't Sonlight's History Chronological?

Sonlight pioneered the literature-based approach to homeschooling over twenty years ago. But that's not all. We also focus on history as the backbone of our Core programs. This was a rather unorthodox idea at the time. Since 1990, others have … Continue reading

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The Feast of the Ascension and other stuff I've never done

One of the things I love about Sonlight is that you are exposed to so many different ideas, traditions, cultures, and experiences through the stories your read about people all over the world (and time). As you cycle through history … Continue reading

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Why Loud Classrooms and Some Disrespect Make America Great

As we study other cultures and history, we can learn a good deal about ourselves. But I love reading perspectives on our culture from those outside it. People like Vishal Mangalwadi and Alexis de Tocqueville offer profound insights into why … Continue reading

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One Thing I Love

I was working on a Sonlight project last week that required that I answer some questions. As I was thinking about what Sonlight means to me, what I really value, there was one thing I couldn't get out of my … Continue reading

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