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Seven Reasons to Study History (Rather Than Social Studies)

When I was in school, we learned about the world in seemingly unrelated snippets. My teachers called the subject Social Studies. We might start the year studying Chinese culture. Then we'd study the Pilgrims because it was getting close to … Continue reading

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Exploring The Universe Next Door

Stephen Crane, known for The Red Badge of Courage, wrote in a poem: "If I should cast off this tattered coat, And go free into the night sky; If I should find nothing there But a vast, Echoless, ignorant--What then?" … Continue reading

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Does Philosophy Matter?

Too often philosophy is prematurely dismissed as impractical and irrelevant to everyday life. Sure, philosophy is part of history and we should at least know a little about those ancient Greek thinkers in togas, but does philosophy really matter to … Continue reading

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The Ren Faire Exists and Other Musings on Reality

I've been to Renaissance Festivals in two different states. It's typically hot and expensive and exhausting and little changes year to year. But my wife and friends love going, so I don my bed sheet monk costume and sometimes try … Continue reading

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Debunking the Bunker Mentality

One complaint leveled against homeschoolers is that we shelter our children, afraid (or unwilling) to expose them to things of this world. The reality is that sheltering children can be a very good thing. But there are times when it … Continue reading

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Why Isn't Sonlight's History Chronological?

Sonlight pioneered the literature-based approach to homeschooling over twenty years ago. But that's not all. We also focus on history as the backbone of our Core programs. This was a rather unorthodox idea at the time. Since 1990, others have … Continue reading

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Listening to Speakers

This evening, and tomorrow, Sarita will be speaking at a homeschool convention in Ohio. I've had the opportunity to hear her encouraging messages before. Homeschooling--not to mention life--can be draining so it's nice to be reminded that the work we … Continue reading

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