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Modesty as Respect

I've seen lots of articles on modesty lately. With summer upon us, it feels like everyone is talking about what young women need to do to "keep their brothers pure," and how they find a line to walk between acceptance … Continue reading

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The History of Literature

...in one graphic Grant Snider has summed up Conflict in Literature in a delightful comic: Lisa Three of my favorite books presented themselves, one for each era: Classical - Till We Have Faces (Man vs God) Modern - The Gammage … Continue reading

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Learning from Someone's Personal Story

A bunch of very interesting Other Posts of Note have cropped up recently. Brian's How to Get Eternal Life, Amber's So she hired a hit man?, and most recently Kara's thoughts on Heaven is for Real. This last post contains … Continue reading

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The Placebo Effect: Homeschooling Works

In Blink, Malcolm Gladwell discusses how asking a student to select a nationality often decreases the student's performance. This is linked to a study that shows students do better on tests if they imagine being a doctor instead of a … Continue reading

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Musings on Missions, Schisms, and Tolerance

Adventures in Odyssey has a great line about tolerance. Frustrated, one of the characters says, "I will not tolerate your intolerance!" It's one of the many brilliant moments I remember from the radio show of my childhood. Intolerant of Intolerance … Continue reading

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Why I Avoid the Homeschool Movement

We homeschoolers are an odd bunch, aren't we? We've bucked the trend, set out on our own, and ended up in a beautiful meadow overlooking a shimmering valley ringed by snow dusted mountains. We love it here. In fact, when … Continue reading

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What Determines Success?

Gifts are hard for me. I can't think of anything I want. With so few cues or clues for my friends and family, it's not surprising I received two copies of Malcolm Gladwell's latest David and Goliath for Christmas. What … Continue reading

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