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Sonlight offers a better alternative to contemporary YA fiction

"Books show us the world, and in that sense, too many books for adolescents act like funhouse mirrors, reflecting hideously distorted portrayals of life." Meghan Cox Gurdon, children's book reviewer for The Wall Street Journal I agree with that quote. … Continue reading

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3 Types of Life Skills to Teach Your Children this Summer

The summer months are a more relaxed time that you could use to brush up on life skills that get overlooked throughout the traditional school year. During the school year, we focused on basic educational standards. Reading, history, writing, and … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List of Life Skills for Homeschoolers

Parents needs summer vacation as much as their children! It's a time to relax and recover. But summer days are also a great time to squeeze in topics that might be neglected during the homeschool year—like life skills! Homeschoolers joke … Continue reading

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That moment when...

Someone's life is falling apart and you are just standing there. I was at a birthday party for my daughter's friend. I saw the mom get off her phone from across the room; she was crying. I went over, just … Continue reading

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My Sheltered Homeschool Experience

There are two ends of the shelter spectrum. I'll call them the "straitjacket" and the "sea-breeze" philosophies. The one pop-culturally associated with homeschoolers is oppressive, binding, restrictive -- like a straitjacket to your soul. These are people who hole up … Continue reading

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What Determines Success?

Gifts are hard for me. I can't think of anything I want. With so few cues or clues for my friends and family, it's not surprising I received two copies of Malcolm Gladwell's latest David and Goliath for Christmas. What … Continue reading

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Life Experience and Literature

The thing that drew me to Sonlight originally was recognizing titles of books I had read and enjoyed as a child. Probably my favorite genre as an emerging reader was pioneer stories. One of my all-time favorite novels was Caddie … Continue reading

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