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5 Vital Road Markers of a Homeschool Plan for Gifted Learners

As a young student, I spent several years attending a pilot school as part of a gifted and talented program. The combination of challenge and freedom I experienced there sparked my love for learning and created a passion for discovery. When … Continue reading

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How Homeschool Electives are a Blessing Not a Burden

When it comes to offering your children electives, do you ever ask yourself: How do I teach things I know nothing about? Why is it beneficial to add to the curriculum? When can I find time to add an elective? … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Cultivate Interests and Raise a Well-rounded Child

I was half amused and half overwhelmed one day as my children were gathered around the lunch table with me. My oldest son was chatting on continually about current signees for our favorite college basketball team. My other son found … Continue reading

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Sonlight's 12 Days of Christmas Day 9: Homeschool Programming

I was surprised recently to realize that somewhere around 90% of personal computers run Microsoft. Among my friend group, I can't think of any who use anything other than Apple, so that number shocked me. Then I was surprised again … Continue reading

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Am I Missing Something? That Didn't Take Very Long!

***For those who are teaching older children or dawdling children, or who are stunned by how long school is taking--this post isn't for you.*** Depending on the age of the child you are teaching, you might be surprised by how … Continue reading

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You want ME to teach art?!

Ask me to teach Science, I'm in my wheelhouse. Ask me to teach Math, I'll go find my husband. Ask me to teach Art? I'll probably chuckle and tell you I had a hard time passing stick figure drawing in … Continue reading

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Today: Last Chance to Save 10% on Electives

Sonlight offers more than just History. Our Electives are pretty awesome too. And you can get your pick from a selection of Electives options that are on sale through tonight only. Check 'em out here. Add some art, music, or … Continue reading

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