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10 Tips for Self-Care Through Exercise and Movement

As a homeschool parent, personal time for self-care is at a premium. After teaching lessons, driving kids to activities, cleaning, and cooking, there’s little energy left even if you can find a few minutes of time. It's all too easy … Continue reading

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10 Self-Care Resolutions for Eating Better as a Homeschool Mom

"Thanks to HBL F Eastern Hemisphere, my picky eater has been choosing food projects for many of the countries we have been studying. This is pavlova, a dessert from New Zealand." -M. family, Sonlighters from Waco, TX Taking care of myself … Continue reading

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How to Boost Your Own Health Through Homeschooling

Homeschooling can definitely improve children's health. They often get more sleep, more active play, healthier food, and are exposed to far fewer germs. I also think homeschooling can be great for your health as a parent. Much of that comes … Continue reading

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Sleep: A Surprising Reason to Homeschool

By itself, the promise of getting enough sleep is probably not a big enough benefit to convince you to start homeschooling. But once you begin homeschooling, and your children get enough sleep, you will wonder how you survived before. The … Continue reading

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That moment when...

Someone's life is falling apart and you are just standing there. I was at a birthday party for my daughter's friend. I saw the mom get off her phone from across the room; she was crying. I went over, just … Continue reading

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Be kind to yourself

At the end of April I went away for two nights on a women's retreat with my church. It was the first time I'd ever been away from my girls, and, after a day of not having to think about … Continue reading

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Finding Healing

[Soft music plays, scene opens on a dark bedroom, a bump in the bed proves someone is curled up] Narrator: Depression. Headaches. Exhaustion. Dry skin. Nightmares. Feelings like you just can't handle it...if you have any unwanted symptoms you could … Continue reading

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