Finding Healing

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[Soft music plays, scene opens on a dark bedroom, a bump in the bed proves someone is curled up]

Narrator: Depression. Headaches. Exhaustion. Dry skin. Nightmares. Feelings like you just can't handle it...if you have any unwanted symptoms you could benefit from homeopathy.

[Cut to sunlight path, Mom pushing stroller while older child runs in a puffy dress; cut to Mom wrestling with oldest child laughing and giggling while they give each other kisses; cut to Mom and youngest child, Mom and baby laughing as they dance]

Okay, so, it's not a commercial, it's my life. But, that pretty much sums up the past several months. After a few years of dramatic health issues and even more traumatic emotional issues, I was feeling like I just couldn't handle IT. Anything. I felt like a shadow of myself. I just wanted energy again. I wanted to feel like if a situation came up with the girls, that I didn't need to curl up into a ball and just cry until Dave came home. That I could cook and clean, and think again. I really wanted to think again.

So, I went to a classical homeopath.*

After reviewing an extensive medical and life questionnaire, we talked for almost 3 hours. Then she gave me a remedy. A single dose while I was in the office with a few additional doses to take when I got home.

I drove away and within 15 minutes I thought, "Wow, I feel really good. I feel like I can DO life."

I got home and had the best 3 days in months. Then I needed another dose. Almost 3 months later, I take a small, diluted dose when I feel like I need it. For example, when visiting my in laws and everyone came down with a cold, I felt like I was getting a sore throat, took one dose, and I was fine. I ate something that didn't agree with me, took a dose, and my headache subsided. After a really bad night of sleep, feelings of, "I just can't take this any more!" I took a dose, and survived the day with no major melt downs.

Treating chronic issues using classical homeopathy is different that treating acute symptoms, headaches, the flu, bug bites etc. Classical homeopathy looks at the entire person, physical, emotional, mental. It assumes that your body wants to heal itself and it aids in that healing process.**

So how am I?

Not depressed. Things have happened, I've walked through sadness, but it's just sadness. It's no longer the tipping point that then I spiral out of control. It's just a period where I can say, some things in life just are sad, and I can cry and process that and then be okay.

Two headaches in all these months, both of which I know where caused by food (or in one case color) that has something my body disagrees with.

I have energy! In fact, I am doing a program called 8 weeks to a less cluttered home.

I am exercising. I am cooking and thinking about meal planning. I am doing school with Natalia. All of these things would have been beyond my reach a few months ago. They would have felt like pipe dreams. I would get to the end of the day and think, I just need to watch a show. Now, I can put photos in albums or read.

My skin is better.

No nightmares. Ever. I honestly don't remember a time in my life when I haven't had nightmares.

Frankly, most days I'm just ready to take on life. Even in the same situations (where everyone is melting down) I can handle it. I can take a deep cleansing breath, pray, and then handle the situation.

My newly organized closet

There are many different ways of healing, even within the natural realm. I have used numerous different doctors over my life, and I feel like homeopathy has had the most dramatic, positive, and immediate effects for me. I feel like almost anyone would benefit from it.

This is my story. Do you have any experience with homeopathy? What natural methods do you use to promote healing?

Until next time!


*There are many different homeopaths, and many different sites and books on it as well. Mary Ellen's website is a jumping off point.

**Many of you many be wondering where God is in the use of homeopathy. Isn't that a weird Eastern religion type thing? No, it's not. And, for me, as I've turned more towards natural healing methods, I've determined to focus on giving thanks to the Creator of natural ways of healing, instead of worshiping the healing substances themselves. I'm grateful that the Lord has made ways for us to heal ourselves long before now, that we didn't need to wait till the 21st Century before we could find true health through man-made drugs. Homeopathy itself is a VERY different way of thinking about health and does take some time to process what it is.

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