Introducing Sonlight's New Kindergarten Science Program: Ecosystems, Meteorology, Physics and Engineering Design

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New Kindergarten Science program from Sonlight

NEW FOR 2020
Sonlight's Kindergarten Science Program:
Ecosystems, Meteorology, Physics and Engineering Design

We're excited to introduce Sonlight's NEW Kindergarten Science: Ecosystems, Meteorology, Physics and Engineering Design. With this new STEM-based science program, your children will actually use the scientific method to explore their world.

Your students will ask questions, think of possible answers (hypotheses), and test them with you. They won't just receive information, but will actively explore subjects like cause and effect, patterns, structure and function, systems, stability and change, cycles, and more.

Want to learn more about Sonlight's new Kindergarten Science program? Keep reading!

Why Create a New Science Program?

The idea to create a new science program started with a desire to update the Sonlight's science video resources (Discover & Do). While developing a plan to update video content, we started taking a closer look at all of the content included in our curriculum.

Instead of just replacing out-of-date books and updating information, there was an opportunity to completely rethink Sonlight's approach to the science curriculum. This new approach teaches children to think like scientists, and builds STEM skills that are valuable in an increasingly technological world.

Sonlight's New Approach to Science

A hands-on approach to science is exciting and lets kids see science in action. We didn't want to lose any of that with our new science approach!

But, we also didn't want to stop with demonstrating concepts through science experiments. Science can be used as an opportunity to teach great problem-solving skills and new ways of thinking. Your kids can get actively involved in the scientific process, and learn to think like scientists with a solution-oriented mindset.

1. Teaching Kids to Think Like Scientists

The new Science K experiments book and accompanying videos follow the Scientific Method. Each hands-on activity starts with an observation or a specific question. Why do rain forests grow the way that they do? Or how do boats float? From the observation, students are encouraged to make a prediction, and then carry out an experiment to test their hypothesis.

The learning doesn't stop after just one activity. You'll push forward to see how the concept you've learned applies to other ideas. Science is all connected and always growing. We want to inspire kids to ask big questions and explore God's world.

2. Tying Activities to Engaging Books

One of the most exciting things about Science K is that the experiments tie back to the content in the science books. When you're reading about ants, you're going to do several experiments about ants and where they live, how they move, and what they eat.

We've worked hard to find excellent, engaging, age-appropriate titles that still keep the program affordable and on-topic. The books are filled with great illustrations and photographs. You'll even read a biography about a normal person who started a movement that has dramatically improved the ecology of northern Africa. Kids will see how the study of science can inspire and create positive change in the world.

3. Adding STEM Content

By adding STEM and Engineering Design content to the new kindergarten Science program, we hope to inspire students who have an aptitude for science and engineering fields. STEM is all about learning about a problem and finding creative ways to solve it. Kids get to explore these problems in a structured, scientific way.

With Sonlight's new approach to our science progams, kids are encouraged to step into innovating and experimenting on their own. We're excited to build scientists who follow God's calling and change the world for the better!

Introducing New Kindergarten Science

Join Stephanie as she deep dives with the creators of the new Kindergarten Science program, Amber and Luke. They will talk, in detail, about Science K: Ecosystems, Meteorology, Physics, and Engineering Design. This group will explore the new books, experiments, and worksheets that make up this new Sonlight Science philosophy. You might even learn about the future of Sonlight science programs.

Posted by Sonlight Curriculum on Thursday, March 19, 2020

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