Sonlight's New, True 4-Day Programs

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Sonlight's New, True 4-Day programs • homeschool curriculum

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You’re in a homeschool co-op
  • You enjoy a lot of field trips
  • Your children have weekly appointments
  • You like a Friday “fun day,” with tea and poetry, math games, and art
  • You prefer to homeschool at a more relaxed pace

If so, we designed Sonlight’s new 4-day programs with you in mind! You can do Sonlight only four days a week and take the fifth day for anything you choose.

Introducing Sonlight’s all-new Instructor’s Guides (IGs)

Available on March 30, 2017 for Sonlight programs A, B, C, D, E, and F.

In these new IGs, you’ll find all subjects scheduled just four days a week.

The standard 5-day program will still be available for all programs.

A brief history of Sonlight’s 4-day Programs

For the curious—and to help clarify, because we’ve made this complex through the years—here is a summary of Sonlight’s 4-day journey.

When Sonlight began, and for many years after that, all Sonlight programs were 5-day.

Then, with so many homeschoolers enjoying co-ops, we added a 4-day option. Because research shows that beginning readers are well-served with daily practice, and because Bible is a wonderful thing to include as part of each day, both Bible and Readers remained 5-day. Which is great in concept, but a bit frustrating in practice. (Do Bible reading as you’re heading out the door to co-op? It’s maybe a bit much.)

From 2012-2015, Sonlight’s 4-day program became the foundation, with an optional fifth day added on. This was nice, in the sense that everyone got to enjoy the same books at the same rate, and if you wanted to switch to 4-day for a bit, you could. But it was a bummer, really, to have a tacked-on fifth day.

In 2016, the Instructor’s Guides were dramatically updated. All programs up to high school were re-done, with updated book choices and tighter reading lists. Because of the reduced reading load, we also created a 4-day program with the same books, read at a slightly faster pace.

In 2017, you will get to choose an entirely new product.

  • Fewer books (since you are Sonlighting 36 fewer days!)
  • All Instructor’s Guides updated: History / Bible / Literature, Language Arts, and Science
  • All subjects—including Bible and Readers!—scheduled for only four days each week
  • Available in our most popular programs: A, B, C, D, E, and F

Starting March 30, 2017, you get to choose what works best for your family: Sonlight every day, or a day off a week. We're looking forward to the 2017 programs, and we'll continue to share all the exciting updates coming March 30. Until our next update, be sure to check out our website and stay connected via our blog or forums.

Use SmoothCourse to start shopping for your 4-Day curriculum.

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