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Luke's Thoughts on the Nye-Ham Debate

Is creation a viable model of origins in today's modern, scientific era? Based on what Bill Nye and Ken Ham both offered, the answer is a resounding YES! Why? Read on to find out. Luke's Overview of the Debate The … Continue reading

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Serious Damage from Silly Social Lies

Her knees -- pushed up toward her chest -- barricade her face behind the couch pillow. Another pillow perches on her head. She's hiding while she talks. Silly as it may be, it makes her feel safe. "I feel like … Continue reading

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The Ren Faire Exists and Other Musings on Reality

I've been to Renaissance Festivals in two different states. It's typically hot and expensive and exhausting and little changes year to year. But my wife and friends love going, so I don my bed sheet monk costume and sometimes try … Continue reading

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Hymns, Halloween, and History

Amy--of the blog THAT Mom--recently posted about "evil" music in church. She makes some great points. She also mentions that many olde tyme hymns were set to secular tunes, notably bar songs and such. I've heard that before. Google seems … Continue reading

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Feeling Concerned? Encouragement, Mirth, and a Thought or Two

One of my cousins from Germany is coming to live with us for a year. She'll be able to experience American culture, go to the same high school I did, and hang out with her most amazing cousins! <cough> But … Continue reading

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