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Faith, Science, and Thinking Across Disciplines

As debates about faith and science continue, I'm reminded about the importance of learning to think across disciplines. Too often there is an academic tendency to isolate the disciplines. This is helpful to a certain extent, but not at the … Continue reading

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Luke's Thoughts on the Nye-Ham Debate

Is creation a viable model of origins in today's modern, scientific era? Based on what Bill Nye and Ken Ham both offered, the answer is a resounding YES! Why? Read on to find out. Luke's Overview of the Debate The … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Can I Trust Sonlight?

Most Christian homeschooling curriculum present evolution as a sham. I cannot in good faith provide that explanation as the only one. Can you show me some examples of where you present both sides? My underlying concern is that if these … Continue reading

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Do Christian Homeschoolers "Embrace" Evolution?

A recent article in The Atlantic featured this headline: "Old Earth, Young Minds: Evangelical Homeschoolers Embrace Evolution." It then went on to offer anecdotal evidence indicating, "More Christian parents are asking for mainstream science in their children's curricula." According to … Continue reading

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Young- and Old-Earth Creationists: Can We Even Talk Together?

Preface Over the last few years, it appears that the vast majority of evangelical Christian homeschoolers--and certainly the majority of leaders in the evangelical Christian homeschool movement--have aligned themselves with a particular interpretation of Genesis 1-11. Specifically, they have aligned … Continue reading

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