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Why Sonlight Curriculum Doesn't Use Parent Scripts

I wholeheartedly believe that God equips you to teach your children and that Sonlight can be one small part of that equipping! But Sonlight has never tried to dictate everything for you to believe or say to your children while teaching … Continue reading

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How & Why to Teach Your Children to See More Than One Perspective

We don’t see perfectly, because we don’t (and can’t) see everything. But with our finite view of the world, we can do our best to listen to others and to hear their perspectives. This is something we strive to do as homeschoolers: … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Can I Trust Sonlight?

Most Christian homeschooling curriculum present evolution as a sham. I cannot in good faith provide that explanation as the only one. Can you show me some examples of where you present both sides? My underlying concern is that if these … Continue reading

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How Homeschooling Affects Conformity

Henry Cate asked: Is group pressure what motivates us to root for our home team? He has an excellent (and funny) video in his post, so check it out. Then Cindy mentioned Asch's conformity experiment in a post about protests … Continue reading

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