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How To Help Your Child Do What You Say

Homeschooling, and parenting in general, would be so much easier without resistance, rebellion, and whining. Wouldn’t it be awesome if our children did what we told them to do? While we can’t eliminate all of the struggles-of-the-will in our homeschool, … Continue reading

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Governing Souls

I haven't read the book, but the following quote stirred me: It is a terrible sin – really nothing less than murder – when someone entrusted with a pastoral service thinks he has the right to govern souls. As parents, … Continue reading

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I know February isn't really a normal time to be talking about New Year's resolutions, but January sped by and here it is mid-February and, well, I'm just going to talk about them. This year I decided that, instead of … Continue reading

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Faith, Science, and Thinking Across Disciplines

As debates about faith and science continue, I'm reminded about the importance of learning to think across disciplines. Too often there is an academic tendency to isolate the disciplines. This is helpful to a certain extent, but not at the … Continue reading

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