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I know February isn't really a normal time to be talking about New Year's resolutions, but January sped by and here it is mid-February and, well, I'm just going to talk about them. This year I decided that, instead of … Continue reading

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Our Apple Tradition...

This past Saturday dawned with mist rising from the Kentucky River over the Palisades. It was one of those memorable mornings when you just want to stand outside with a cup of coffee and watch the day begin. But, I … Continue reading

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My Thankfulness

I didn't really feel like I had any option on this blog: it's the week of Thanksgiving, time to list my blessings. Friends on Facebook have been posting things daily that they are grateful for and 'tis the season to … Continue reading

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Babies, Puppies and the End of the Book...

These past couples of weeks have been hectic at our house. My son and his wife added a sweet little daughter to their family. They have a just turned two year old daughter too and they sold their house and … Continue reading

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Puzzling Design

My sister and her family came to town for the holidays. We were able to celebrate our annual Family Fun Week—where we gather together from across the country as a whole group. For the past several years the adults have … Continue reading

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Transitions Toward Adulthood

I have several friends in their first year of college. To varying degrees, they are all struggling with the tension of becoming an adult while still being under their parents' care. It's an awkward time. I remember my own transition, … Continue reading

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Our Doughnut Legacy...

My husband and I have been married 36 years and as you would suspect we have lots in common; kids, faith, reading, love for the outdoors and Homer Price . Yep, we have Homer Price in common. It was one … Continue reading

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